venerdì 7 settembre 2007

Italian Vegetarian cooking...che meraviglia! (Term3 - Lesson3)

This time an experiment! I keep on thinking about the vegan cooking course ... and so... I thought about an experiment for my vegetarian cooking class! This time we used two different kind of flours... Wholewheat for the pizza and wholemeal spelt flour for the focaccia...

Incredible! Everybody was enthusiastic! Some didn't know the splet flour at all and were absolutly happy to try something new! Spelt is such a pure ingredient! Very strong and difficult to modify! It has really a character... and used already in anchient times!

We started with the pizza ... this time no tuna, no anchovies, no salami... only vegetables... but the choice is really great!



500gr Wholewheat flour
15gr yeast
300ml (about) warm water
6 tablespoon olive oil
3 tablespoons salt
1 ½ tablespoon dried Oregano

Mix all the ingredients together and start kneading... and knead, knead, knead till the dough has the right consistency: not too dry... and not to sticky! I would at this stage suggest to put the the dough in a good warm place to rise or, as I recently learned, you could put it in the oven over a sheet of baking paper at 40°/50° and let it rise there for about a hour: till the dough has approx. doubled. Then take it out form the oven and turn temperature up to 250° and start shaping you risen dough and then ... at this point you can start to create your own pizza... Afterwards put it into the oven for about 15 minutes.


I couldn't believe it was so tasty! The dough was really wonderful... I am so classic sometimes, but such a good dough was not forseenable!

Our second recipe was the Focaccia... We used wholemeal spelt flour mixed with a bit of wholewheat flour... we weren't really sure about the rising process... if it could be successful or not! But it was a success... look at that after just 45 min!



Pizza Dough using 400gr of Spelt flour and 100gr of wholewheat flour
Olive oil (a lot...)
Cooked Onions (as much as you like)

Prepare the dough like the pizza dough and heat the oven at 250°. Cut the onions and fry them slowly in a pan till they are smooth and soft!


Prepare your focaccia by spreading the olive oil, the salt and the onions... and if you want also a bit of rosemary, put it in the oven and let it cook for about 15 min.


It was really good... everybody said it was really lovely! The spelt has such a great flavour... it reminded me to something... I cannot say what... Anyway we had the feeling to eat like the Etruscians!

There is something I left at last but not at least!
This apron is gorgious! All these cheeses you cannot find here...that in Italy we take for granted everywhere we go! I had to take a picture! Wonderful!

apron formaggio

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k ha detto...

Ma che acquolina!!! E' giusto ora di pranzo...

Aiuolik ha detto...

Come dici nel titolo, "che meraviglia"!
La focaccia con le cipolle è un po' che non la facciamo, anche se per la verità è un po' diversa dalla tua, mi hai fatto venire la voglia di prepararla!!!

Anonimo ha detto...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeh, queste cose le faccio anche io!! Evviva!!
Allora, io faccio l'impasto classico con la farina bianca. Alle volte uso miscele di farine (bianca/grano tenero) ma è interessante fare questi test perchè si scoprono sapori nuovi. Vicino all'ufficio (ex) dove prendevo la pizza facevano impasti speciali a richiesta: kamut, noci e nocciole, mais... era bello cambiare ogni tanto.
Prima o poi proverò quello con la farina gialla... dovrei trvare una ricetta con le proporazioni di massima...

Morrigan ha detto...

Voi li viziate troppo gli studenti... gnam! ^__^

Unknown ha detto...

e c'hai ragiooooneeeeeee!! che meravigliaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! che buona la focaccia alla cipolla, l'adoro!! la prossima volta che la faccio proverò la tua ricetta!!!
baciiii :D

Anonimo ha detto...

la prima pizza è divina! Quasi quasi divento vegetariana ;-)

anna ha detto...

Buona queste pizze, quella con la cipolla è insuperabile, adoro le cipolle....bacioni

nightfairy ha detto...

fame..tanta fame!voglio vivere nel tuo blog..che goduria!

Anonimo ha detto...

J'adore la fougasse. Celle ci me tente beaucoup.
Bises et à bientôt.

Cuoche dell'altro mondo ha detto...

Sorry for the silence!
One girl with ear infection, the other with a flu and the husband with a virus... all in one week!
A record?
Thanks for the comments... you are in my heart!
Grazie dei comemnti siete nel mio cuore!

Anonimo ha detto...

ricette fantastiche!!!! ma anche la maglietta non è male

Buntköchin ha detto...

Das war jetzt die erste Pizza aus meinem Ofen, die so richtig gut geschmeckt hat. Danke für das tolle Rezept. Leider war der erste Millimeter des Pizzabodens steinhart. Ich habe da irgendwas mit der Ofeneinstellung falsch gemacht. (mittlere Ofenhöhe, Umluft 250°C) Weißt du vielleicht, wie man einen weichen Pizzaboden hinkriegt? Das ist eigentlich generell mein Problem bei Pizza. Wenn ich die Pizza ganz oben reinschiebe, verbrennt dann nicht der Belag?