sabato 21 luglio 2007

MEME 4x4

Alex passed me this MEME 4X4 and I saw it also on some italian foodblogs. I launch it on the "other side"... as to say... "downunder" to my friend Barbara from Winosandfoodies...

4 of my favourite foods:
Fish (not seafood) ... however... and always...
Pasta ... however ... and always...
Vegetables... all kinds... fryed...steamed...just wit abit of oil... so simple so good!

iris (1)

4 foods I won't ever (never say never!) eat:
The brain
Pigeons and little birds
Blutwurst and similar
Chinese Tekaways

4 Things I do when I am online:
I look at my favourite blogs
I look at Beppegrillo's site
I read the news
I Write

4 jobs I did in my life:
Interviews to every traveller on German Trains...
I made and served gelati and fruit shakes in the summer nights of Milan.
The au pair girl (for love just for love!).
I worked in a Wimpy bar in Plymouth in UK (for love just for love!).

4 film I could watch more than 4 times:
Saving Grace
Love Actually
Amici Miei (the first and the second in particularly)
Le fate ignoranti

camelia (1)

4 places I would be in this moment:
It is really difficult at the moment! It seems that I like to be here and anywhere else in the world...does it seem strange?
Maybe only just at a BBQ with my whole family and my closest friends!

And now after a wonderful foodies :-) evening I spent with Barbara... I pass her this curious MEME!

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Ilva ha detto...

Oh I love Amici miei too!

So So Simple ha detto...

I'm glad Barbara tagged me it's fun to find out all those details about everyone